Cleaning out the Inn

Wow! I’m actually going to have company around here this weekend! Due to the fact that I have very few friends and am basically a shut-in, I haven’t had a “slumber party” in… Hm… I guess I don’t have enough fingers. Heh…

This weekend, Denya, Rayna, HFL, and Ta-chan will be hanging out at my house so that we can go to the convention on Saturday. And even though it’s due to rain, Saturday is sure to be a crazy time (though hopefully not too crazy, since my family doesn’t even approve of my costume-wearing, never mind four other screaming fangirls in costume as well). But aside from that, it should be fun while we’re at I-Con.

Now I just need to clean the room where they’ll be staying. And it would be nice to clean my room, too. And maybe clean up the fatty ratties a little. The little scramblers are excited about guests as well ^.^ And Little Ari is also happy to have someone (ie, Sapphire) to hang out with this weekend.

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