Dress Rehearsal

So since I needed to finish off my warbelt anyway tonight, I decided to have a “dress rehearsal” of my outfit for this upcoming weekend. This resulted in sitting in my room laced into a corset for about two hours while I sewed and riveted, because once I got everything on I was too lazy to take it back off. But that’s ok.

There’s something very un-paladinlike about what I’ll be wearing on Saturday, as compared to what I usually wear to Ren faires. My original armor set, as you know, consists of an oversized breastplate, my pauldrons, half gauntlets, and tassets and cuisses laced into a belt. The whole set (which I’ve dubbed Ari 1.0), while impressive, is a bit unwieldy and painful to wear at times (I end up with bruised hip bones by the end of the day). But still, it looks like paladin armor–despite how little armor it really entails, when you compare the set to the gleaming full plate mail one normally things of a paladin striding around in.

Right now, I’m in the middle of my “Ari 1.5” set of armor. Essentially, this is a mixture of old and new as I, eventually, plan on creating a whole new set. I must say that the fully-scaled war belt gives the set a whole new look which isn’t entirely unappealing. However, due to the nature of Saturday’s convention visit (and the fact that I will be proudly glued to a rather expensive camera and, thus, must be extra cautious), I need to forego the cuisses, breastplate, and even the pauldrons (which I curse, yet again, for the brutalization of my braid: Ouch!) for the sake of mobility. That leaves me with the new war belt and my gauntlets as my only means of defense against the cold, cruel world. The whole outfit (with the corset and heavy cloak) is still far from sparse. But at the moment, putting it all together doesn’t scream “paladin”. The combination ends up looking like some sort of odd warrior-rogue-ranger-esque elf… thing…

Not that that’s a terrible thing. Can you say “geek bait”? ^.^*

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2 Responses to Dress Rehearsal

  1. Awww why no pauldrons, camera?

    • paladinari says:

      1) Yes, I worry about the weight of the camera on them, 2) I haven’t quite mastered how to wear them and my new cloak, and 3) (as per usual) that earring that I riveted on keeps catching my hair, and there’s quite a large collection of golden strands now attached to it

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