Mission Accomplished

After much pain and blood (yes, there was blood), I finally sewed on the clasp for my cloak. It really makes a world of difference to the look, fit, and feel of the piece. The addition of the clasp makes the cloak flow more elegantly around the shoulders and neckline (since it is not being bunched up by knotting the ties). It also makes for an easy on, easy off wear of the piece, rather than having to take the time to tie it. Right now, I have the clasped cloak draped on the dress form, which is also wearing my pauldrons, and it even seems like the two don’t clash (as the brown cloak liked to do). So, I have high hopes for how this cloak will complete my look for this outfit ^.^

Oh, and why was there blood? Because needles don’t like to go through two layers of cotton, two layers of taffeta, and thick jacquard (the trim). So, while pushing the needle through, the blunt end of the needle actually punctured my thumb. Ow -.-

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3 Responses to Mission Accomplished

  1. Heather says:

    OUCH!! Hope you’re ok.

    • paladinari says:

      That’s right! So remember, kids! Even blunt instruments can be DEADLY!

      This has been a helpful tip from your friendly neighborhood paladin. Don’t play with needles!

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