A Paladin is Emerging!

Well, I still don’t have a breastplate, but slowly a paladin is emerging from the chaos! I just completed the largest metal working project I’ve undergone since the Steampunk arm, and I must say that the “war belt” turned out quite pretty, if not much more comfortable. This time around, I’ll also be incorporating my embroidered peasant blouse (the one I began wearing last fall) as a part of the outfit. That’s pictured below, along with my new sword belt (a secondhand find from U-Con), sword, and my handmade cloak (which is still missing the clasp, I’ve been lazy!)

Other than that, not much is going to change on the bottom half this time around. I’m not sure where my boots are right now (I need to find them), but I suppose they can’t have gotten too far since fall. I’d also still like to be able to wear my cuisses, though now with the new belt situation (the war belt, the sword belt) I might need to rethink HOW I wear them. But then, that might be a task for the upcoming ren faire (not next weekend, as full armor is a bit difficult to maneuver in to begin with).


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4 Responses to A Paladin is Emerging!

  1. hlf210324 says:

    I am soooo excited to see it on you next weekend!!! Awesome job!

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