Nearly There!

This post marks my 299th. Wow! Just a year ago, I didn’t even know what was. And just a week ago (more or less), The Paladin Project celebrated its 1 year anniversary. I think it’s safe to say that things are certainly moving fast.

I don’t think that my 300th post will be much in the way of significance in terms of reporting any major projects or victories. And neither is this one. But it is nice, every now and then, to let my readers know what’s going on in my project lineup and just share some interesting finds and experiences.

Yesterday, my grandma let me root through some old fabric she was getting rid of. Immediately, I found and picked out a length of bright pink fabric with a pattern of stripes, tulips, and windmills. Yoink! It’s from the 1950s, when fabric was a very different standard size than it is today. It immediately inspired me towards a new costume piece for an upcoming event (to be announced). Now if only I could Oxyclean the stains in it to death…

I also finished my Elven cloak yesterday! The piece is fully lined and pressed and it positively gleams. Depending on the light it’s in, the reflection of the taffeta plays wonderful tricks on the eyes, so that you can’t quite tell what color it is. The Celtic trim ended up working wonders for the piece, and is a nice addition, along with the custom made and stitched straps which I affixed to the cloak as a finishing touch. It still needs the clasp which I purchased for it. But at least the sewing is done.

Finally, Griswold and I went on a date today! Though a little chilly, it was nice walking around in the sun in Port Jefferson, Long Island. We ended up going into a store which sells Christmas ornaments year round, and they were having a sale. We passed by a display of ornaments which were miniatures of musical instruments, and leave it to me to find a mini violin, which comes complete with its own replica violin case. I saw it and immediately realized it was the perfect scale for an MSD-sized BJD. Needless to say, Little Ari is now a very happy girl (though she will be less so when I make her share her violin with Little Clover, who is bound to be a purchase in the future ^.^*).

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3 Responses to Nearly There!

  1. It looks great for her, and I love the cloak and pink fabric, you’ll be wearing the cloak to ICON correct?

    • paladinari says:

      Oh yes. And from what I can tell, the cloak is actually rather cozy warm (as in, I might not freeze this time! lol).
      The cloak is one step in the process in my “Ari 1.5 armor”. Eventually, I plan on redoing the entire set. But right now, I’m just making little changes to what was seen last Spring and Fall. A new cloak. A new breastplate (hopefully). A replacement for the tassets. A new sword. And some new, simple-yet-interesting small details šŸ™‚

      • Heather says:

        Sounds like a nice upgrade without have to redo every little thing. Can’t wait to see you at ICON!

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