Yes, I DID Have To

In celebration of my impending paycheck and my deferment of student loans (at least for the next 6 months)–and because Little Ari has been pressuring me–I finally decided to break down and treat myself.

Resinsoul Song (the tan one on the left, please, if anyone's counting ^.^*)

Little Ari’s male companion will arrive in 4-6 weeks (depending on how long it will take to cast him and apply his custom face up job, which I explained to the Bobobie Doll Mall in detail in an email earlier today).

I have also ordered up the brown glass eyes I have had my eye on for him (they were a little expensive, but they’ll look great!) as well as a couple of outfits for him off of eBay (including the boots I had originally found for Little Ari, but I think they’ll look much better on him).

I couldn’t find the exact wig I wanted for him, but I found ones which were close. I’m already debating between two sites which offer custom wig jobs for BJDs and would allow me to specify his exact size, style, and color.

Between the doll, the custom face up, the boots, the clothes, and the wig, the total for Little Ari’s boy toy will be upwards around more than I make in one paycheck (which isn’t much to begin with). But isn’t that the price we pay for happiness?


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2 Responses to Yes, I DID Have To

  1. But hay he will give you the ability to be bale to make even more bjd clothes for sale, so in fact you could look at his purchase as a business investment.

  2. Well if it makes you happy and your parents are not kicking you out any time soon, why not:-)

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