War Belt

In case people are wondering just what the heck this means, I have been working, slowly but surely, on a project which will, ultimately, replace my tassets in my paladin armor set. Drawing inspiration from the scale mail shirt, which I am hoping to be able to wear a couple weekends from now at I-Con, the belt consists of 48 overlapping, oversized scales which will be riveted in a pattern on a single sheet of vinyl (which will serve as a leather substitute, since a piece of leather that large would be rather expensive).

Each scale has been hand crafted to match in size and shape, and, unlike in the picture, each one will be given a slight “bend” down the center of the scale to provide some depth to the visual effect of the project, as well as provide some continuity with my existing armor pieces, e.g., the pointed shape mirrors the shape of my pauldrons, gantlets, and knee cops.

I am in the process of dulling the edges of the scales, as my armor is dangerous enough to wear as it is, without 48 scales threatening to impale me at every turn. Once that’s complete, I can begin the tedious process of riveting them to said vinyl sheet, which still needs to be prepared and sewed with a leather needle to its final shape and specifications. After all, I can’t have people actually mistaking it for vinyl! But I’ll post more on this later šŸ˜‰

The picture below shows the pattern of HALF of the war belt/tassets (not sure what to call this piece). The side on the left (with the doubled up scale set) will wrap around to the font of my body. The single scale on the right represents my center back. Then, the whole pattern will be repeated in reverseĀ  to complete the belt.

And if this process is sucessful, I’m also hoping to have the time to create a set of greaves in the same manner (maybe for the faire in May, though, not for the convention).

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2 Responses to War Belt

  1. Will you get the breast and shoulder pieces in time for ICON? Also that gives me ideas for my Blade Singer chest piece, hmmmmm

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