You guys are no fun! April Fools! (apparently I have a lame sense of humor…)

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3 Responses to Meh…

  1. You’d do have a boo, what do you think Griswold is, not that you call him boo i just call other peoples bf’s boo in general

  2. No no we all just really thought you did it and were not surprised. Now if you were all of the sudden saying screw it world, moving to NY with your boo next week and engaged, that would have been unbelievable.

    • paladinari says:

      Except that I don’t have a “boo”.

      Nah, the joke was going to be either the boy toy BJD or I was going to post pictures of fat little Chai and say she was pregnant, and that it turns out that Panda was the father (just found out she wasn’t a “she”)

      I would still like a boy doll, though. Imagine how popular he would be with the ladies! (as in, Little Ari, Liddell, Lacey, and Sapphire…)

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