Ok, I Opened It…

And as I’m opening the box, I’m looking through that magical plastic window, like, “Hm… shouldn’t she have TWO arms??”

Well, her left arm had fallen under her during shipping. Because when the box claims “supermoveable”, they mean it! She’s a lovely, cute little vinyl figurine. However, she’s flimsy as a piece of paper. Her joints are all loose, and her arm keeps falling off. Her paint job also isn’t what I had expected, from all the Nendoroid reviews out there, claiming that they were like fancier gatchapon figurines. All-in-all, not an impressive start to Neko-chan’s Kawaii Korner review of Nendoroids!


“Hi, I’m Saber! And I’m a wee little Nendoroid figurine that stands about four inches tall!”




“I came neatly packed with my two swords, Excalibur and Caliburn, their scabbards, two spare faceplates for changing my expression, and a few interchangeable hands for changing my pose.”


“I also came with a clear plastic stand to help me to stand up!”




“Wait, did my arm just fall off? And some people pay upwards around $40-$60 for me?”



“The nerve! Justice will be served!”




So, she might be a little disgruntled right now, but she happily joined my lovely, ever-expanding Fate/Stay Night collection. (Saber original artwork and ornament not pictured)

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4 Responses to Ok, I Opened It…

  1. Are you going to make Ari a saber outfit?

  2. She’s cute! Also since you paid less for her maybe she’s a knock off and not an original thus why she’s not as good a quality?

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