Fun Story: My Blonde Moment of the Day

Only because it made me laugh afterwards:

As you all know, I’ve been looking for a job. A high paying job. A fun job. A DREAM job. Unfortunately, no such job seems to exist at this time. *sigh*

Anyway, on tonight (yup, I even search THERE for a job), I clicked to search the listings of all the jobs currently available in the New York area. Hey, you never know what you’ll come across!

And lo and behold, an interesting posting title catches my eye: MAKE $100/HR DOING FANTASY ROLEPLAY! (yeah, I can already hear the snickering all the way over here on Long Island, people!)

Now to me, “fantasy roleplay” constitutes donning a pair of elf ears and running around in armor. Or, at worst, donning a wench uniform and serving up beer to girl-starved D&Ders who have been spending too much time in their mother’s basement and want to study that elusive creature called “woman”.

Well *sigh* in short, I sometimes forget that the world does NOT revolve around people who understand cosplay and LARP. And, well, to be blunt: I found out that the kind of “fantasy roleplay” that results in making $100/hr does NOT involve dressing up in armor or elf ears… Though it would seem that there’s quite a lot of leather involved… And maybe something about a dungeon, after all…

(And yes, I’m completely serious about the fact that I clicked on it thinking that I could roleplay as an elf for money… *sigh* Sometimes, I tell myself I really need to get a life… -.-*)

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2 Responses to Fun Story: My Blonde Moment of the Day

  1. hahaha, I’m so sorry. But yes always search on craigslist, that’s where I found my job(where i make more than any of our friends) and the DM and my current apartment which was a great deal at the time. And with these trying times companies are more likely to put something there because its free as opposed to the other sites that charge a few hundred a month. Have you thought about a temp agency?

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