Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

On March 29, 2010, I began my blogging experience on The Paladin Project with a post entitled Quest Intro. Really, it was a test. I was new to WordPress.com and wasn’t entirely sure what I was doing. I seem to remember that, in the early days, my blog was rather drab looking. The default template for this site isn’t that exciting. But very quickly, I think I began to pick up the nuances of the program and quickly turned my blog into exactly what I wanted: A place to document my projects and offer resources to my friends and readers over the past year.

And what an exciting year it’s been! Or, at the very least, a busy one. I began a lot of my crafting projects from the ground up: Jumping in with no and very little knowledge of technique or materials. My first attempt at armor was a complete failure. And an expensive failure at that! And from there, I was constantly growing and evolving, trying out new things, learning new things and doing more research to get my projects right. Not all of them came out the way I would like, and some of them were abandoned or are still in process as I write. However, each project has been a labor of love, and I want to thank you all for sharing the experience with me. Even those little comments of, “Wow! That looks awesome!” or “What were you thinking?” are helpful. And just the fact that anyone reads this blog at all is humbling.

I don’t get paid for this blog. There are no pay-per-click affiliate programs here. And each project I take on is a financial drain which sometimes consumes a sizable chunk of my measly paycheck. Fabric and metal is expensive. And all the time I spend crafting and writing could be spent doing something a bit more productive: Like looking for a higher-paying job, or perhaps deciding to go back to school. Despite this, I find that my payment really comes in the form of the people who take the time to keep up with what I have to say and what I have to show. I know it’s not always interesting or clever and may sometimes be long-winded or extremely pessimistic or annoyingly apologetic or just picture after picture of dolls or… Ok, I’ll stop. But seriously, thanks to my friends and readers, I keep going with this hobby. I probably would have given up long ago without all of your support.

Anyway, since I know you’re all getting curious about the following video (assuming you didn’t just click that first, you cheaters!), I guess I’ll start to wrap this up. Since moving home, I’ve had less time and peace and quiet to armor and sew. However, I hope to be able to continue to bring you my crazy stories, finds of the day, successes, failures, and experiences as they come up. The following video contains some 65 picture highlights of the past year: Showcasing some of my favorite projects as well as some of my favorite memories. I know it sounds lame, but I actually got a little emotional watching it for the first time. But that might just be me.

Once again, and finally, thank you for all of your support and encouragement. I couldn’t do it without you!


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One Response to Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

  1. hlf210324 says:

    Yay! 1 year anniversary! I love the video. It’s such a cool way to see so many different memories all in the same place. Glad I was in 1 picture, lol!

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