Find of the Day: Doll-Sized MacBook Pro

As my friends know, and as readers might be able to gain from pictures and comments that have made it up onto my blog over the past year, I love my computer: A shiny aluminum MacBook Pro. It’s uber sleek, super quiet, powerful, and the picture and color quality is amazing.

Every so often, Little Ari climbs up on my lap to help me type. But alas! My laptop is too large for her tiny fingers! So what is she to do?

The answer comes in the form of a super tiny, super ADORABLE, doll-sized MacBook. At (what seems to be) 4cm wide, it’s the perfect size for her little hands. It’s made of PVC and it can even fold and be carried. I don’t think I need to tell you my reaction to this find, but: OMFG I WANT ONE…. O.O

Eh… Ok, that was a bit of a strong outburst for this blog. But you get the idea. It’ right up there with the perfect pair of boots that I finally found for her… And that sword I still have my eye on for her…

MacBook Pro (for a doll) $12 + $4 shipping to the US on

Also available from this seller: doll-sized iMac, iPhone, and iPad…

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3 Responses to Find of the Day: Doll-Sized MacBook Pro

  1. Oh, here’s a good example, not everything may be big enough for our girls though.

  2. I think of Sapphire as more of a classic girl, I think she’d like a cute little leather bound journal or something, with a cute little ink well and pen would be great. Let me know if you see this as I could make the book and pen but the ink well would be a challenge. But aside from that the Mac book looks great:-D

    FYI there is a whole group of people who make miniature’s of everything for little houses and scenes, there’s a store in Monroe, CT that sells them called Maribella Miniatures, I think. The DM and I happened by there once and they had all kinds of awesome little things, there not cheap though.

    • paladinari says:

      You could make the inkwell out of clay, or maybe a little bottle filled with black glue and left to dry. You could make a little quill out of a tiny feather. Or if Shes going to be writing in a journal you could alway make her pencils and pens out of toothpicks

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