The Plan for Today

So as you all know, I’ve been working on my Elvish cloak lately. I have both the lining (cotton) and the shell (taffeta) stitched together and ironed now, and the whole thing is turned into a very cozy, very beautiful garment. Recently, I also got the black and silver trim in the mail, which I plan on stitching up along the opening of the cloak and up and over the hood, back down the other side (as opposed to stitching along the bottom hem, which wouldn’t work so well with straight trim trying to be teased around a curve…). I also went out and purchased a cloak clasp yesterday, which is larger than the one I originally got (which wasn’t for this project). When it’s done, the cloak should be able to be fastened not only with the clasp, but also with ties which I plan on stitching in when I sew the lining and shell together.

With luck, I hope to get a couple of the aforementioned projects done today. I plan to affix the trim before stitching the lining and shell together, that way the ends of the trim will end up on the inside, and that way the stitching will not be visible from the inside of the cloak. With that done, with any luck, I hope to sew the two parts together today and figure out how to finish off the hem. Actually, with luck, this whole project will be done this weekend. And then, I can get back to my war skirt (which is coming along nicely, though I think I might be doing things a little out of order…)

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6 Responses to The Plan for Today

  1. Avoree says:

    So the top is essentially done. Perhaps another week or so (Depending on what time I have before the show). I overshot a measurement so I need to go back and remove some work. Also, I went and reinforced the top so it can take the weight of the piece and in case it is going to support other weights. What I mean by that is at the top, I used a 6-in-one and 8-in-one pattern (since the rings are aluminum) to make sure it can support added weights and can take some one tugging on it. After what happened with a test piece I am glad I did this. Once I’m done with that and doing a couple final measurements the short should be done. I overshot it a little on purpose so I could try it on a human being and make sure it was sturdy. I’ll take more pictures once I’m don’t weaving the stop and attaching the pauldrons/sleeves.

    Also, after speaking to one of my SCAdian friends about the magnets, he things thats the most ingenious plan ever and fully approves of that and the lace idea.

    • paladinari says:

      That’s wonderful to hear. I was beginning to get worried that it was just giving you a hell of a lot of trouble! I’m really hoping that I’ll be able to show off your work at I-Con, which is coming up in three weeks. I’m redoing parts of my paladin armor to match the scales, so that everything will look sharp (literally!). Do you have business cards or anything that you’d like me to hand out if anyone asks me where I got my shirt from?

      PS- Yes, I also love the idea of the magnets. It’ll be especially nice to be able to approximate putting the shirt on without having to ask for help (I think that sometimes Denya gets tired of being my squire, lol)

  2. No, no out of order, everything is wonderful:-)

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