Tonight’s Project

Little Ari has a little shamrock corset! Tomorrow, I’ll start in on the goth pants and overskirt. I really, really wish she had boots. Bare feet just aren’t bad-ass…

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5 Responses to Tonight’s Project

  1. I do like it, I’m thinking of doing the three tiered skirt with the crop top, or maybe a corset, or long sleeve blouse and corset i have not decided….well if nothing else she’ll get st patty’s day panties by the day of.

    • paladinari says:

      LOL! Complete with shamrocks on her butt?

      Fyi, I modified the corset pattern so that it would actually curve around Little Ari’s chest (since the actual pattern is rather… “flat”). Since Onyx and Liddell are a bit more “girl-like”, this might not be a problem. But basically, I cut a slice out of the pattern piece, which I measured by holding the paper pattern over her chest and figuring out how much it would need to be taken in to actually “wrap”. Then, I sewed both the corset shell and the lining so that both had a cup shape to them.

      Also fyi, the corset shell is all one piece of fabric. The green shamrock fabric you see is actually sewn on top of that. ^.^

      • Oh ok that makes more sense now. I ended up making a skirt from a no-pattern tutorial on Delilah Noir’s site (they have a few fun things, like socks). and I was going to make the corset top, but I have no eyelets right now, so I’m improvising, we’ll see how it goes.

        By the way I tried panties twice, her hips are so funny both were too small, I’ll be trying again today. Hehehe and no they don’t have shamrocks, there nice white cotton (I was lucky at Joann’s remnants, 50% right now).

  2. Heather says:

    That looks sooo cool! very stylish!

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