The Pally has Pants!

So, I finally broke down and made Little Ari a pair of pants! The pattern I ended up getting the PDF of today was very easy to use. Unfortunately, the pants were a little big. But a button and a snap later, and she has a very stylish pair of trousers. Huzzah!

Next up, I’ll FINALLY be making her St. Patrick’s Day outfit, based on Julia’s ensemble from Halloween. Hot Topic gone wrong, anyone?

(ps, yes, the pants are DESIGNED to be short. I didn’t mess up!)

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2 Responses to The Pally has Pants!

  1. Oh and by the way I noticed on the website that you always get $2 off if you order just the pdf threw email, which is awesome.

  2. You are not helping with my reserve to not make Onyx a St. patty’s day outfit:-) Off to buy the lolita set…hehehe

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