In order to get my Ari 2.0 armor off the ground and completed in time for I-Con, I would like…

1) to finish my cloak
2) to finish my new tassets
3) to invest in new elf ears (the same model as the old ones, but they’ve gotten a bit grimy and discolored in the last year, so I feel like I can break down and spend the $14 on a new set…)
4) to invest in a bottle of Pros-Aide Creme (which is the stuff I always needed to fill in that awkward gap on the ears, but never got around to getting)
5) to have have Avoree finish my scale mail shirt
6) to modify my original gauntlets (if I have time, I would like to make improvements, now that I have more knowledge)
7) to purchase and modify a new (slightly less fragile) Selu’tria sword, thereby needing…
8 ) to create a scabbard for said sword

And then, I can be geek bait! ^.^

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