Cloak: The Continuation

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to show for this. But I am ready with an update!

So, I think it’s been about a week since I reported that I had begun a human-sized project. And then… life took over, and my cloak just didn’t get worked on for a while. However, I had some luck today and was able to pick it back up. There’s not much to report with its progress (it went very slowly today, sadly). But I did have some thoughts.

So far, the steel gray taffeta and charcoal colored cotton are a very nice match. The colors play off of each other well, and it’s going to be a heavy cloak, which should help with the warmth and the movement of the fabric. Also, the cotton is going to provide some much needed friction for keeping the cloak put. For example, I always have a problem when they line cloaks with satin, because if you put the hood up all it does is slide off your hair. Thus, cotton lining should be good ^.^

I’ve also had a few ideas about the closure of the cloak. While it’s cute the tie the straps in a bow and walk around, it’s sort of bulky and tends to keep the cloak too tight around the neck while wearing pauldrons. Though, it’s nice to have the straps so that they can be tied behind your back to keep the cloak open. So I’ve been thinking of inserting straps, but also of installing buttons which can help the cloak be held closed at the neck with a crosspiece. This would also be kind of different and ornate: Perfect for an elf.

Another functional idea I had today was the possibility of adding “pockets” to the inside of the cloak, around where my hands usually are. Too often, I find myself at a vendor or getting business cards or things. And I have gauntlets on, so it’s very awkward to keep getting into my little bunny fur bag (or whatever I have on). So, I’ve been throwing around the idea of adding secret pockets, just as a place to quickly stow things until I have more time. Or, ideally, as a place to keep that really inconvenient (yet necessary) program the faires keep insisting on  handing out. I always find that whatever bag I’m wearing around my waist is too small for that silly thing. Maybe they should just make it smaller? *shrug*

A final (minor) thought I’ve been batting around is how to make the cloak sparkle. No, I don’t mean with glitter. But since it’s Elvish, it does need to have a bit of “flair” to it. At present, it seems like my best option might be to purchase some sort of ornate trim. But instead of running it around the bottom (which is a problem when you try and put straight trim on a curved edge), I’d put it along the cloak opening in the front and up around the brim of the hood. At least, that’s the thought.

In any case, it’s definitely nice to be doing a bigger project. Cons and Faires are coming up, and I can’t wait to debut the new look!

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