I May Have No Money, but I Can Dream!

Yeah, yeah, and if wishes were horses, then beggars would ride.

But seriously! I can at least post this up and think about it. Doesn’t mean that it’s happening… because I have certain other financial responsibilities first *sigh*

Anyway, Little Ari would like everyone to know that she would like a friend. Not just any friend. But a friend of the male variety. Liddel and Lacey are nice (she guesses), but it would be nice to have someone to talk to while I go to work all day.

Again. I’m serious.

We’ve been looking around for a while at elf boys. Human just won’t do, she says. Unfortunately, most of the best elf males out there are too tall for her, topping out at about 60cm (she’s only 43cm). That would be, in real life, the difference between her 5’7″ stature and, say, a man about 8-9 feet tall? And that just won’t do!

So, I’ve been looking smaller. And unfortunately, the options don’t get any better. The “dating” sites out there have elf guys, of course. But Little Ari and I agree that they’re a bit too… “feminine”. And after all, since Little Ari wants a male companion, there had better be no question as to his male-ness! (if that makes sense)

The Angel of Dream brand had a couple of options: Chi and Yo. But while Chi is yummy looking… he’s actually a vampire doll (with fangs). And Yo is just a little too girly…

Chi- Pretty... with fangs.

Yo- Effeminate much?







Which actually brought us back to a distant cousin of Little Ari’s: Song. Song is a Resinsoul/Bobobie MSD, which means that he’s related to Mei (Little Ari’s old name). His makeup job is actually fairly masculine and, though he’s not as detailed as the bigger boys out there, he’s still pleasant to look at and doesn’t scream “female.”

Resinsoul Song (the tan one on the left, please, if anyone's counting ^.^*)

Sadly, he tops out at about $145 right now. So Little Ari might be waiting a while for her cousin. But hey, a girl can dream ^.^

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