An Anime Lair: Revealed! (part 2)

A few months ago, I made a post about what my room used to look like before I changed it over into my “workshop” space. And then, I completely forgot to post up pics of my room since. Since Griswold is finally coming over today and getting to see my room for the first time since… maybe last Easter?, I thought it might be nice to finally take the time to follow up. Also, this can be considered as something of a “filler” post (since, clearly, I have done nothing involving my new cloak since I posted about it on Friday night). Please forgive me ^.^*

When you first walk into my room, everything is very white and clean. I like things to be neatly organized and, though it might not look it, I'm a fan of the minimalist style of decorating.

This is my workshop! This includes everythign from my sewing machine to my fabrics, my sheet metal to my metal working tools, my craft supplies, and even some of my collectibles, including my RP swords, tankards, my panda collection, and a bunch of stuffed animals.

This is where all of the other work gets done. Many an article has been written and edited here...

My bed is tiny but comfy. Little Ari's entire clothing collection fits into the drawer of my nightside table, and I keep all of the tools of the trade on my bookshelf, including an anime encyclopedia, a writer's handbook, and a Japanese dictionary.

This is where the fatty ratties live! It's a spacious rat condo and houses Panda (bottom left), Ashley (next to Panda), and Chai (in cardboard tube).

Little Ari lives on my desk. Her outfits and poses are constantly changing, but mostly she just sits in her chair like the princess of my room. Though sometimes, she'll wander over to my sewing station, sit on the edge of a cube, and watch me work.

Here's a bit of a closer look at my sewing station. My sewing machine is old and grumpy, but it gets the job done. Behind the machine, I write project notes on a whiteboard. The cubby next to the machine holds all of my smaller, more special rolls of fabric. Next to that is my pattern cubby. And then, the drawers in the middle hold all of my sewing supplies and notions.

And what would any happy room be without the presence of a very happy cat; sitting smugly in the nice, warm sun on my bed?


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2 Responses to An Anime Lair: Revealed! (part 2)

  1. Heather says:

    Your new room looks amazing! Great job!

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