A Cloak is Born… or at Least Conceived…

Tonight, I began work on my cloak for the upcoming faire season. Last season, I found myself switching between my $25 Halloween grade red faux velvet cloak (which was really cold to wear during the spring faire!) and my heavy brown, nicely lined, moleskin cloak from VonLancelot. It’s not that I minded either one–temperature aside–but I don’t think that either really did justice to the look I was trying to pull off:

Female, Elven Paladin with a cousin whose life’s goal is to make sure she is properly outfitted, as befitting her rank.

So the idea for this cloak was dignified and maybe even a bit fancy, though practical and definitely comfortable. Something which could withstand a battle and not drag on the ground, but also something which wouldn’t embarrass our young noble Elf should she find herself in the company of the upper class… by accident or otherwise.

The pattern I’m working with for this project is Simplicity’s 5794 cloak pattern, which comes in three styles. However, in true PaladinAri style, I’ve already begun to make modifications. When taped together (since the pattern itself is too big to fit on one sheet of paper) I found that the finished cloak would have ended up overshooting my petite frame by, oh… say… six inches? If that wasn’t bad enough, I also already knew that I didn’t like the hood option for this cloak. I’ve used the hood patter by itself in the past to make things, most notably the hood for my tabard, and I had found back then that it wasn’t very deep and, more horribly, didn’t fit over my elf ears. Gasp!

So here’s the fix. I haven’t cut anything out of fabric yet, but I did automatically chop off nine inches from the hem of the cloak (I used my moleskin one as a guide). I also used my nice moleskin cloak to completely redraft a pattern for a hood which I do like, though I used the bottom of the hood which I don’t like as the guide for the pattern, so that it will be sure to properly match up with the finished cloak.

This pattern doesn’t seem that difficult, so I’m hoping to have the project finished within a week or two. Luckily, I’m well ahead of faire season, still, so I can actually take my time and do a nice job (unlike the hectic nature of my last minute armor jacket project… or my last minute tabard project… or working on my Saber armor up until the last day before Connecticon… or finishing off Little Ari’s kimono the day before U-Con… or… etc.)

Anyway, hopefully I’ll get a good start on working on it tomorrow, and I look forward to finally uploading some pics of a PERSON SIZED project! Yay! ^.^

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