The Plan for Tonight

The Civil Service Exam is over with! And now, for some good old fashioned fun: The kind I can’t have while editing or studying or worrying. Or, even while fretting over trying to finish kimonos in time for a convention. Nope, it’s finally time to have some ME time. ^.^

Once again, it’s going to be time for inventory. Little Ari and I have some really cool finds to show you all, as my fabric stock has increased considerably since the last time I did an inventory spot.

I also really want to push for finishing Little Ari’s Valentine’s Day outfit… BEFORE Valentine’s Day. I really think I can do it!

Finally, and most excitedly, I finally plan on beginning my new taffeta and cotton cloak. I finally got the thread I needed today, so once the aforementioned tasks are done, I think I’m finally going to get the chance to take a step back from doll clothes and make something people-sized 🙂

Watch out world: PaladinAri is back with a vengeance! 😀

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