The Project Lineup

So, it’s starting to become hard to believe that this all started out as an armor blog, what with all the sewing projects and doll stuff I’ve been posting up lately! Unfortunately, I’m kind of enjoying my break from hammers, rivets and such, even though I do plan on at least making an attempt to make my Ari 2.0 armor for the Springtime Connecticut Renaissance Faire. Or, if not that, at least upgrade to Ari 1.5 🙂

I also have a big sewing project coming up, too. I mean, it’s not like doll clothes aren’t “big” projects, but I mean big. As in, human-sized. I already have all the material I need for my new cloak, which will end up looking more “Elvish” in nature than the rustic brown I wear or the clearly costume-grade red. The cloak I plan on making won’t be as heavy as the brown, but it will definitely be a nice replacement for the red. But I’m not sure when I’m actually going to sit down and start cutting out the pattern pieces for that, just yet…

In other news, I’m attempting *counts* five doll outfits in two weeks (which will be for U-Con at UConn). No! Really! It’s not as bad as it sounds!

As you all know, I began work on Little Ari’s new First Speaker gown. I’m actually in the process of putting on the little bitty sleeves, and the bottom of the dress is already trimmed so that it will have a sweeping train, and it just needs to be hemmed. So, at least that one’s moving.

Aside from that, I’m working on a cute, lolita-inspired Valentine’s outfit for Little Ari. It is most definitely something that her namesake wouldn’t wear, but Little Ari has a bit more flair for fashion. I won’t give away too many secrets of this outfit (I’ll give hints of pink, frills, and hearts!) but it will be a simply adorable thing which will be on display at U-Con.

Finally, I’m also creating pajamas for Little Ari and her cousins, Lacey and Liddell. Why? Because I can. And because we’ll be staying in a hotel, and Griswold thinks it would be cute *shrug*. But again, details of that project are classified and very secret!

Oh well. Hobbies are nice. And it keeps my mind going…

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