Little Ari’s Connecticut Adventure!

“PaladinAri made me go to Connecticut this weekend and visit my cousins. My cousins live with Griswold…

I have two cousins: Lacey and Liddell. Lacey is a 27cm and she's very scary! Every time I visit her, she grins and threatens to kill me. I had never met Liddell before this weekend, though. She's a 43cm Dark and Deviant Delilah Noir.

Lucky for me, Liddell and I became fast friends! She's a little pastey--I think she needs to get out more--but she seems nice enough. And she's the same size as me!

And then... Lacey and Liddell promptly decided that they wanted to play dress up. The nerve! Lacey stole my brand new peasant blouse, Liddell stole my Wiccan dress, and they stuck me in Liddell's Goth outfit!

Though the Goth outfit wasn't too bad. It fit me well, even though my torso is longer than Liddell's, and she's a little bit less... "endowed" than myself. See how pretty I am?

Wow, I should model! I look like all those creepy vampire BJDs out there who apprently--in Asian cultures--have pointy ears and look like elves!

So my cousins aren't so bad. I don't know what they're doing here, though. They're just odd, sometimes!

Finally, it was time to go home to Long Island. So long, Lacey! So long, Liddell! I'll see you at U-Con!

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