The Peasant Blouse

Little Ari: “Wow! Today was a very busy day for me! It was a snow day, so PaladinAri got to stay home and make clothes for me all day. Isn’t that wonderful? I told her she didn’t have to, but she insists on making all of my clothes.

So, my adventure today began in the kitchen! PaladinAri set me down on the table and I was playing with some apples when her Grandma came along and looked at me in my little outfit with the white shirt which still isn’t finished. And she passed some comment about how indecent it was. I know, terrible, right?

So what does PaladinAri do? Well, she finally decides to make me a decent shirt! After all, that white one was never meant to be worn as just a shirt, anyway.

She decided to make me a peasant blouse, the likes of which my namesake might wear when she’s not running around in armor. I know, it’s hard to imagine a paladin without her armor, huh? Anyway, the peasant blouse is actually a really simple pattern to render. In fact, it’s all made of straight lines! The traditional, Hungarian peasant blouse is constructed entirely of rectangular pieces of fabric. This made for simple construction, as well as an easy way to decorate the fabric before sewing.

In fact, in all, the blouse that PaladinAri ended up making for me is only made of four pieces of fabric. And she stitched it up pretty quickly! I think that the only thing that slowed her down was the scale of the project–being doll-sized, that is.

I’m very happy with how my new shirt came out, and I feel a lot less self-conscious about wearing it! It fits me perfectly, and even though this one is plain, I know that she has plans of making me a more decorative shirt in the future, now that she knows how simple it was to make. Hopefully she’ll post up a tutorial and pattern set soon!”

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