A Request for my Readers

Hi everyone and happy snow day! Here on the north shore of Long Island, we received about 15″ of the white stuff. I heard that my friends up in Connecticut got even more, so I hope everyone’s home and safe and warm!

So, with my blog finally beginning to take off and having a lot more of a following than it did almost a year ago, I thought it might be nice to finally begin to get some of my readers involved in my site. A few of my followers (the ones who have code names, specifically, have talents and interests all their own which I think would be awesome to be able to highlight here on my blog. For the last year, I’ve featured links to their blogs, but I’m thinking it might also be kind of neat to feature some of my readers, too.

So if anyone’s interested in being featured, I’d be more than happy to give you some blog space! For this, I’d be looking for a picture to represent yourself (preferably one of you in cosplay, or perhaps a piece of work which represents yourself), a short bio of yourself, and any links or even your own personal website which you would like people to know about or even additional pics of yourself or your work. Of course, PaladinAri will also give her own friends a personalized review as well. But in any case, I thought that this would be interesting to be able to highlight a few of my readers and get everyone more involved.

In addition, I have a request for anyone I have made something for in the past: Be it clothing or armor. As you might have noticed, there is now a link at the top of my blog for “past projects”, under which are links to… well… past projects. I had begun this project before the new year, and I eventually plan on compiling a few pics of each project in-progress as well as the finished piece. I’ll also be doing a short write up/reflection on each project. However, if I’ve made something for you in the past, I’d love to have any pictures that you might have of that piece that I haven’t posted up on my site. Also, if you’d like to include a statement of your own about the quality of the piece or your thoughts on it (good or bad, really, it’s ok!) I’d love to be able to post your feedback. I hope to be able to begin work on my past project summaries soon!

In any case, so, if anyone plans on sending me anything, about themselves or about projects, please send all email, pictures, and links directly to The Paladin Project’s email, at paladinari@gmail.com. Thanks for your help and continued support!

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