My Newest Project

Last night, I began working on Little Ari’s newest outfit: An intricate and well-made rendition of a First Speaker gown. Denya had some really great picture suggestions the other day and, after a few sketches, I began work on the new gown.

For this gown, I began by using my usual pattern, which I drafted myself when I first began to make clothes for my doll. Originally, I had drafted a shorter pattern, which I used to make the white gown which was her first outfit. When this proved to be too short and to not fit correctly, I added onto the bottom of the pattern and rethought the sides, which produced the pattern that made up her brown dress.

For this project, I began with the thoughts that it would be nice to start with another basic, white gown. However once I had created the back and front part with the white satin, I thought it would be kind of a fancy and fitting touch to make the sides a different color. So I brought out the blue microsuede which I had originally used to make my own, life-size Speaker gown, and incorporated it.

In addition, I also fully lined the entire dress with white cotton, which gives the dress some body and also will help protect Little Ari from being stained by prolonged wearing of the blue.

There are a few more steps I need to take to finish off the preliminary gown. I plan on hemming the dress and incorporating a flowing train. I will also add a lacing closure for the back, and I also plan on adding sleeves to the gown, though the shape of the sleeve is still up for debate.

So anyway, even though I plan to make those finishing touches, I’d still be very interested to hear what people have to say about how the project is looking so far, and I’d love to know if anyone has any suggestions. I kind of want to create an overlay or jacket or belt or something to add to the gown. I’d also love some suggestions on what sleeve shape I should go with (I’m in a toss up between long, form-fitting sleeves, or long flowing ones). Additionally, if anyone has any materials or color suggestions, I’d love to hear it ^.^

Thanks to all my readers for all their help!

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4 Responses to My Newest Project

  1. Avoree says:

    If you want form fitting sleeves, attach a small button or piece of velcro at the bottom in 1-2 spots. The sleeve will be finished but you can take it on and off ari.

  2. Hmmm a jacket similar to the Zelda one might be nice(perhaps with sleeves), or instead having lacing partially up the blue sides helping to form fit it would be nice, also sleeves that are like the wings from my buttercup dress would be very pretty or you could do the type of sleeve that is fitted and than has a flowy attachment of sorts as well. Not matter what, your right in that she definitely needs something in front, either a belt like some of the simplicity Renaissance dress patterns had or maybe lacing, if you do a jacket that would be great in she just needs like ballet flats or something to go with it…and a pretty metal circlet. 😀

    another idea is this:,r:3,s:3&biw=800&bih=416

    • paladinari says:

      Wow, that’s an itty bitty little picture! I think it kind of looks like what I was thinking, though. I was thinking of giving her form fitting sleeves (how I’m going to do this on a doll who can’t close her hands, I have no clue) and then attaching kind of a fake, flowy sleeve bottom to that (which would make more sense if I drew it, I suppose). I definitely plan on making her a circlet to wear, which will look very similar to the one I made for myself. But, she probably won’t have shoes for this outfit for a while. Shoes are the the one thing I’ve been reluctant to buy but also don’t know how to make. So, she’s going to be shoeless for a while!

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