So, here’s a perfect example of a “doll mood”.

I decided that this weekend would finally be the weekend where I finish sewing Little Ari’s white shirt. I’ve left the bottom of it and the bottoms of the sleeves unfinished for too long, and they’re beginning to fray. So anyway, I undid her waist cincher, got the shirt off of her, and decided to put her in her brown dress so that she wasn’t sitting around topless. I undid her hair to give it a break from the braid, and sat her down all lady-like in her wicker chair that Denya gave her for Christmas.

Where she promptly began to cry.

Seriously. I didn’t pose her or anything, and I’ve never touched her makeup. But for some reason, I’m sitting here watching her cry. She’s staring off into the distance, all forlorn and worried, and she has “tears” on the edge of her eyes.

*shrug* Maybe she was just very attached to what she was just wearing or something?

In any case, since there’s a chance I might be going to Genericon in a few weeks and taking Little Ari up for a ride (yes, I promise that this is related to what I was just talking about!), I thought it might be kind of interesting to create kind of a more intricate outfit for her to go up there with. Especially since she’s smaller than me, it means that I can be a little more daring with the materials and spend a bit less time on it than a full size costume. Or something. In any case, I’m prepared to make a showstopper (if i can, in time).

So I’m wondering if anyone has any ideas for an Ari outfit? It’s been a while since I’ve made anything new for her, and I’ve wanted to get into something a little more technically difficult. So, now would seem like the perfect time. I was thinking maybe of trying to make a more accurate and intricate First Speaker gown for her, maybe? This would open all of you up to suggestions of color and design and everything. Or maybe I could make her a more casual outfit? I don’t think I can pull off her armor just yet, unfortunately, but that’s on the list for ConnectiCon, so no worries!

And most of all, hopefully this will make her happy again. Because I think that Little Ari likes wearing pretty clothes, and right now, she’s just feeling rather plain and sad. Not to worry, Little Ari! I’m sure that all of your friends out there will have suggestions for your next outfit soon!

A crying doll.

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5 Responses to Sadness

  1. hehehe, just like Ari would say but than what would Alnir say in regards to the First Speaker outfit….

    • paladinari says:

      Alnir would would cheerfully ignore Ari and say that she needs to dress in a manner befitting her station. Then, he would laugh heartily and say that she was about to be made more dresses.

  2. Here are some ideas(maybe not these dresses all in one but perhaps ideas from some to make something unique and fitting to the character and world/ elf house) if your looking for my intricate and ornate as I imagine most elven things are with there immense time to become proficient in things. I also think sticking with blues and silvers and perhaps incorporating the house crest into the outfit would be good. trim a the bottom of the gown)

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