Little Ari Gets Her Own Little Cloak

Here’s my first custom made cloak for Little Ari. I created the pattern myself and ended up having to sew two hoods to allot for the size and shape of her ears. Needless to say, she’s very satisfied with her new little winter garb ^.^

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6 Responses to Little Ari Gets Her Own Little Cloak

  1. Heather says:

    Very nice!

    • paladinari says:

      Nah, I could never in good conscious charge so much for a cloak unless it took some insane number of hours to create! (in total, if you don’t count creating the pattern, Ari’s little blue cloak probably only took an hour’s worth of work).

      Also, I could kick myself for the wings! I went to Pier 1 on the day after Christmas (yup, in the blizzard) to see if I could get more of those little angel wings I have for her at a super reasonable after Christmas price. I was going to put ribbon on them and sell them for $10 a pop. But of COURSE they were all out by then. ^.^*

  2. Actually I see now that it’s just double sewed and there is no fancy trim like on my Zelda dress, if there a nice small-enough one on that wonderful machine of your grandmother’s that might be a gorgeous addition.

  3. Now that might be a good first start for selling BJD clothes on ebay or etsy, easy yet most likely very wanted, you could even put it down as custom so they can pick the color and length/width for there particular doll size:-D,It looks very nice with the trim..if only you could figure out a little clasp..

    • paladinari says:

      Well, I was actually going to use a small cloak clasp I had gotten for my armor jacket (and obviously didn’t use) on the cloak. But I put the strings on so that I could tie it under her arms and behind her, like I can with my own cloak. If I make a fancier, “dress” one for her, maybe I’ll use the clasp for that.

      You know, Denya, I have the patterns I used to make these things. I could always copy them and we could make things together. It’s really not terribly difficult (the cloak was particularly easy, and I just got lazy with finishing it off, so there’s still a lot that can be done!). I think I need to rework the dress pattern I had originally made for her, but even that’s not terrible to sew and finish off šŸ™‚

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