Happy 250th Post!

The Paladin Project is happy to celebrate its 250th post in conjunction with the new year!

It’s been a phenomenal year of blogging, learning, crafting, and growing and, once again, I’d like to thank all of my readers (regulars and accidentals!) for your continued support and interest in what I do. Without all of you, who else would I be able to celebrate my achievements with? So thank you!

In honor of this monumental post, I thought it might be nice for me to flip back through the year and choose what I think were the highlights of my blogging experience. Some posts I chose because they were super popular on the Internet. Some received an amazing amount of feedback from my readers. And some were just very close to my heart in writing. I originally wanted to choose my top ten favorites, but that expanded to my top 20 (when I couldn’t choose!).

I’m listing my top 20 in chronological order, not in ranking (since I would find that impossible to do), beginning with the birth of my blog up until now. Hopefully you’ll enjoy these highlights as much as I have, and I hope that you’ll continue to follow me and my blog into 2011! Thank you for reading!

1) Ask a Paladin (4/15/2010)- Probably my favorite post of all time because of all the back and forth conversations it began with Ari’s friends, Denya, Auerion, and Griswold!

2) Another Epic Saturday (4/25/2010)- An epic retelling of one of our D&D adventures, which ended right at the point of entering a dungeon (which we are still in)

3) Presenting the Companionship of the Dagger (5/23/2010)- A post about the spring Connecticut Renaissance Faire, at which our entire D&D group was able to walk around as cosplaying unit

4) Where Do I Go from Here? (5/24/2010)- A discussion of my ConnectiCon 2010 plans

5) The Fantasy is Over (7/14/2010)- A post about ConnectiCon

6) Midsummer Magick Faerie Festival (8/1/2010)- Exactly what it says, a post about the fun we had at the Faerie Festival, complete with pictures!

7) Why Steampunk is NOT Cosplay (8/3/2010)- My most trafficked blog post of all time (and one of my most hotly debated)

8 ) Would the Real Princess Zelda Please Stand Up? (8/4/2010)- I begin to discuss the differences in Zelda costumes and the models I might use for cosplay purposes

August 4, 2010- I get 100 hits on my blog for the first time!

9) Someone’s Not Making it the Night (8/7/2010)- Yet another epic D&D retelling, with a prediction!

10) Heart of the Paladin (8/8/2010)- Yet another heavily trafficked post, which discusses Ari’s actions in the dungeon we are currently in. Also holds the record for the most heavily trafficked post in a single week (an image from this post has recently reached top ranking on Google for images of “paladin”, leading to a major surge in hits for hits for this particular post)

11) UNYCosplay Picnic 2010 (8/15/2010)- A review of the 2010 UNYCosplay Picnic, held in Saratoga Springs, New York

12) Slight Obsession (8/16/2010)- I begin to talk about my infatuation with ball-jointed dolls, why I want one, and which ones had captured my attention

13) Find of the Day: Elf Sex (8/22/2010)- After getting into a conversation where we wondered how long the long-lived elves are pregnant for, I came across this interesting article discussing Tolkien’s view of things…

14) Sexy Halloween (9/8/2010)- My rant on the inappropriate and ludicrous costumes “they” think the consumer would like to buy

15) Princess Buttercup: The Reveal (9/26/2010)- I finally reveal the end product of Denya’s Princess Buttercup gown, complete with fabulous photos

16) Find of the Day: Ranger’s Apprentice (10/26/2010)- My review of one of my favorite book series: The Ranger’s Apprentice series by John Flanagan

17) Coming Full Circle (11/11/2010)- I finally realize that I fell in love with the Bobobie Mei doll back in August and that it was silly to be looking at Obitsus when they weren’t exactly what I wanted…

18) Inventory (11/26/2010)- My newly adopted Mei helps me to show off my fabric inventory!

19) Find of the Day: Unlimited Bladeworks (11/27/2010)- A review of Fate/Stay Night and my hopes for Unlimited Bladeworks

20) Senpai Magazine Does it Again! (12/21/2010)- A final Senpai Magazine plug for 2010!

Little Ari gears up for another year of blogging!

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3 Responses to Happy 250th Post!

  1. Alex! says:

    hey i found your blog!! I’ll have to sit down and catch up with it!

  2. Heather says:

    Really cool to see the biggest and most important of the year’s past blogs for you from start to finish. Can’t wait for the new year of ari’s new projects and finds!

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