Steampunk Bracelet

So, hopefully everyone had a very nice holiday and has been enjoying this “lovely” weather (ie, snow). And truthfully, I think I like the idea of snow (it’s pretty to look at, it makes you appreciate being inside), but I really do detest the miserly conditions it entails (cold, wind, ice…).

Anyway, since it seems that public libraries close due to snow, I was lucky enough to have my work closed today (which means I won’t get paid, but then, I wasn’t looking forward to the miserable commute!). In light of that, I was very productive today. I cleaned my room, organized my craft supplies, and moved some furniture around. And then, I ended the day by continuing my Christmas Project work.

As you’ll recall, I offered up to my readers and friends a few weeks ago the opportunity to request a handmade craft for their holiday gift. I didn’t get many requests; but then, that meant that I could spend more time actually working on what people did want.

Ta-chan in-particular requested something Steampunk inspired. Now, we’ll all recall a few months ago–the Steampunk Arm disaster. And I think I might even have recalled vowing to never again touch the genre. Despite that, it’s the holiday season, so I agreed to take on Ta-chan’s request.

I’m not really certain if Ta-chan keeps up with my blog. If she does, well… here’s your very special preview! If not, the rest of you are the luckier ^.^

I was very happy with the way that Ta-chan’s gift came out, and am proud enough of it to want to share it with everyone early. It’s a Steampunk-inspired leather bracelet, featuring nickel, brass, and, of course, copper accents. I managed to get a hold of some gears and such this time, and I think that the bracelet came out so strong and kick-ass, yet lovely at the same time. In all, I think that it took me a hour and a half to design and assemble the piece and, actually, I’m now thinking that I should make one for myself as well! I’m hoping that Ta-chan will like it and wear it proudly, just as I was happy to have the know-how to be able to throw something like this together so quickly! Oh, how far I’ve come:


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6 Responses to Steampunk Bracelet

  1. aris says:

    can i know what are the black rounded pieces

  2. Avoree says:

    I can has one?

  3. Heather says:

    Really neat! I like it a lot too and I bet Ta-chan will too!

  4. OMG Ari that looks awesome. And very unique, I don’t think I’ve seen anything like it in the Steampunk shopping world. I think you should definitely make more if not for yourself but to sell in your shop as well as it’s a booming market right now. It just made me imagine instead of just bracelets like most people do, jewelry inspired items as in this bracelet with the finger piece or chokers or maybe even small dangle earrings with gears and what not. I love your talent:-D

    • paladinari says:

      Much thanks, Denya, and welcome back from the land of Daisy Dukes and bikinis on top ^.^
      But eh…. I still am not too much of a Steampunk fan. I don’t mind making a few things for friends, but I probably would not want to produce something for sale in my shop unless my heart was in it to begin with. But I’m glad you like it!

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