The Wig Dilemma Comes to an End

After much consideration, I decided to give modifying the wig a shot. After all, it was the only wig I found that I really liked, and it’s not like I could return it. So I decided that, so long as I didn’t cut it or do anything stupid to it, it would be safe to at least attempt to modify the size by sewing it. First, I bound up as much of the loose hair as I could inside of a sandwich bag with a twist tie, to keep it out of the way and protect it. Then, I flipped the wig cap inside out and began to make it smaller a quarter of an inch at a time. I modified the wig cap itself by sewing sections of it closer together, and I also made the band of the wig smaller by doing the same thing. Finally, the wig cap fit. However, since the wig was fitting correctly on Ari’s head for once, I found that the bangs were too long! So, nervously, I began to clip away the bangs until they were a normal, manageable length.

Even though the wig might seem a silly length for a doll this size, I really do think that it was the best length for the character. It looks gorgeous and hangs very casual and beautiful when it’s down. And, when you braid it, it’s nice and thick and lengthy, which makes it look nice as well. A good find ^.^

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One Response to The Wig Dilemma Comes to an End

  1. Heather says:

    Looks great! So glad you were able to make it work!

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