Becoming Ari: Part 1

Today, I received in the mail the eyes and wig I had purchased for Mei so that she could finally take on her Ari persona. After much consideration, I ended up getting a set of charcoal gray eyes which look rather realistic (as opposed to getting the metal or glittery ones I was considering). I also purchased a long blonde wig for her, with bangs. And by long, I mean LONG (past her knees).

So, the eyes turned out well. I wanted to get it over with quickly, so I poked out her blue ones and inserted the gray ones where the holes were. It was kind of disconcerting to see her with empty sockets, so I didn’t take pictures of that part of the process. However, it was kind of interesting to see the change over. One part of the eye changing process I didn’t like though, aside from the empty sockets, was the rather sticky putty which was already there keeping her previous eyes in place. But that aside, the new gray eyes look very pretty and fitting for Ari, even though the irises are a bit smaller than the blue ones. Since all know how much I adore anime proportions, I guess this is a bit of a change for me (anime eyes are BIG). But still, I’m satisfied ^.^

And now for the bad news.

The wig that I purchased was very pretty and fitting for her. And it would look so nice on her, too! However, it’s a size “7”. Her head is a size “6-7”. A “7” accommodates heads ranging from 17.5cm-19cm around. And her head is JUST about 17.5cm around. Thus… the wig is too large. It looks very nice on her, but it won’t stay on her head. And the wig cap itself is too large, as well. This makes me very sad, especially since I’d really like to be able to start calling her Ari. *sigh*

I’m in a dilemma with this wig. Of course it had to come from China, which means that it can’t be returned. So, do I attempt to try and sell it and buy one that DOES fit (but might not be as pretty), or, do I attempt to fix the wig by taking it in by sewing it, possibly destroying it in the process?

Decisions… decisions… decisions…

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2 Responses to Becoming Ari: Part 1

  1. Helpre says:

    You could always just attach velcro to the wig and to her head :>

  2. Depends on how much it was as to whether you should attempt altering it.

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