Find of the Day: Unlimited Blade Works

Anyone who knows me would probably be able to say with ample confidence that they know one of my favorite animes of all time is Fate/Stay Night. And to clarify, I am talking about the anime OVA series here, not the video game and certainly not the “girlfriend” game. It’s not that I find the series itself exceptionally riveting. In fact, there are parts of the series which can drag and seem rather cliche, as far as animes are concerned. But then, there are certain characters within the series and certain scenes which haunt and stick with me. And that is a major part of why I love it.

Without giving too much away (and there’s a lot to give with this series!) Fate/Stay Night is the story of the Holy Grail War, which is fought every ten years by mages and their summoned servants: Who are the spirits of ancient and famous heroes. The servants come back with the hero’s spirit within them, even if they don’t necessarily look like that hero would have. And they all have incredible power, which they lend to their mage summoner in order to help them win the war and attain the Holy Grail itself. This artifact is said to grant the bearer their greatest wish.

Of course, some wishes are a bit purer than others, and everyone–masters and servants alike–have their own story to tell as to why they want to be able to make such a powerful wish. But to go into that would be giving away a big part of the series!

However, I’d be more than happy to discuss my all time favorite character within that series, who has become, quite possibly, my most favorite anime character of all. And that’s a big deal! I mean, who can really say who their favorite, favorite anime character is when there are so many to choose from?

Anyway, I idolize the character of Saber (which, again, I’m sure any of my friends would say!). She’s said to be the most powerful servant of all, and yes, I’ll give this away, her weapon is a sword (just as Lancer uses a spear, Berserker is a rough, tough, beat-em-up-with-his-fists kind of guy, Archer is… well, actually…). Of course, anyone who doesn’t know the series which automatically envision someone very different for someone with the servant name “Saber”. I’m not sure if they would think female, first off. And certainly she sounds like she has a lot of bite and spunk to her.

Which is not to say that she doesn’t. But then, Saber is full of surprises. Petite and blonde with piercing blue/green eyes, Saber comes to Shirou Emiya–the quintessential male protagonist who is still learning about himself as a man and as a person–as an ethereal vision of beauty and power. Ok, now we are just talking about the anime here! Unlike heroines of other animes, Saber isn’t meant to be thought of as a sex object. Wow, right? Solemn, honor-bound, and pure, the creators have actually taken every means necessary to downplay her femininity. Not only is every inch of her body encased in cloth or armor of some kind, but she is (SPOILER ALERT-highlight to read) completely without modesty during the obligatory anime bath scenes, where she can confidentially stand in front of Shirou, completely nude, and calmly state that she doesn’t think of herself as a woman.

Of course it’s inevitable, then, that Shirou should begin to fall for her. But anymore on that topic would just be giving things away.

On a side note–which is as far from the point of this post as possible–Saber is actually the inspiration for Ari, my paladin. Saber would make an awesome paladin! And she should, considering she’s really… Oh, right. I won’t give away who her spirit is! Anyway…

So! My find of the day, finally. I’ve been very excited ever since TYPE-MOON released Unlimited Blade Works, the movie which follows an alternate storyline of the Fate series. From what I can tell, it goes up to a certain point in the series and then veers off: Delving more into the background and power of Archer. However, until now, it has only been available in its original Japanese form. I really love the Japanese voice actors for Fate/Stay Night, and I wouldn’t mind watching it with subtitles. However, I haven’t been able to find it in America, which has been rather disappointing.

Until today! On a whim, I was searching around online and finally found… drumroll please… the American version of the DVD! I am so excited to finally be able to order this and watch it. As to when I will get a chance to do this is still up to debate. But, at least now I can! *insert anime fangirl squee here*

And that means I can review it for the Spring issue of Senpai Magazine

Oh, happiness ^.^

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