Mei got it into her mind today that it would be a good idea to take stock of what fabrics I have available for projects and doll clothes and such. And I’ll just say that she has very good taste in fabric! Of course, her favorites are the more expensive ones. Whens she turns into Ari, do you think she’ll take on a more Spartan view of life? Maybe then the simple cottons would be more her style!

"Hm... I'm a little bored up here."

"Perhaps I'll take a look at Ari's fabrics!"


"Oooh, pretty pretty!"

"What nice brocades! The red is lovely, but I'm very fond of the blues as well!"


"And here's some cotton and linen, like my dress. The blue cotton would make a nice dress, too."

"Oh, how soft! These are so fuzzy and warm. Some velvets, and even some microsuede!"


"Ahh, satin! So many colors, and so silky smooth..."

"These ones are special fabrics. Silk organza, embroidered fabrics, faux dupioni, and even sequined chiffon!"


"Wheee! Pretty, flowy chiffon!"

"And finally, kimono silks and Asian prints. So exotic!"


"Hm... I wonder what Ari will make for me next? I guess I'll just sit here and wait. I won't eat the apple. I promise!"





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5 Responses to Inventory

  1. Alex! says:

    wow you work with silks? Is it delicate to work with? A kimono would be really adorable!

    • paladinari says:

      I haven’t gotten a chance to sew with it yet, though I know a place to get nice cotton kimono fabrics which would be nice to work with. Btw, we don’t use our real names on this blog! You’ve been dubbed “Hello Kitty”

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  3. Yay Mei needs a Kimono! I got Mei a present for Christmas:-D Hopefully it’s just her size.

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