First Attempt

So, it’s been a few days since Mei arrived, and I think that she’s already settling into her new surroundings quite nicely. She has her own “room” in a cubby which overlooks my desk, and she sits perched up there and observes my work. She also has a doll stand of her very own now, which took me two trips to get the size and shape right.

Unlike that first day when she seemed a bit lethargic, I think that Mei is beginning to cheer up. It’s probably because she’s in the process of getting a new wardrobe and, eventually, a new look.

Last night, I began measuring her for a pattern draft based on that McCalls pattern with princess seams I’m so fond of. It was a slow, meticulous process involving a ruler, a measuring tape, graph paper, and, of course, Mei herself, who was a very nice little model to work with, even though she kept “collapsing” as I was trying to measure her.

Eventually I ended up with a pattern, and this morning I was able to cut out the pieces using a simple scrap of white I had from my armor jacket project. I then stitched it up using an itty bitty little 1/4″ seam allowance, pressed it up, and tried it on her. Well, Mei swam in it. But tonight, after some tweaking, I was able to pin, cut, and resew the sides so that it’s more form-fitting.

The prospect of wearing something besides that depressing black dress really does seem to be making her smile.

What’s not making ME smile, however, is how helpless I feel while trying to stitch up those little seams! I was trying to finish off the neckline tonight with my machine, and it just does NOT want to cooperate. In fact, every time I try and sew it, the thread keeps breaking and I’m making more of a mess of the project than I care to admit. I absolutely cannot stand hand sewing, but it’s beginning to look like that’s going to be my only option for making something even semi-decent looking.

Well, at least this will give me a Thanksgiving project to work on.

In other news, I’m still in the market of trying to find the right wig for her. She must have an odd-sized head for her MSD body type, because the wig I want is really difficult to find. In case anyone sees it, I’m looking for a size 6/7″ long, straight, light blonde wig with bangs. I keep seeing 7/8’s in that style, but I think it would be too big for her head. Which is a shame.

Oh, and I’m also getting a LOT betting at posing Mei (though I’m still convinced she needs to be restrung tighter). Not only can she do the cute little anime sit pose, but I’ve also managed to perch her on the edge of things (as you can see above) and sit her prettily with her legs to the side. Oh, and I’ve also finally managed to get her to sit in a chair. Yay ^.^

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2 Responses to First Attempt

    • paladinari says:

      Lol, could you really see Ari with pigtails? (as pretty as that one is!)

      As for the handheld sewing machine, that doesn’t necessarily make it easier to get into small spaces. If anything, I’d probably just be less accurate. But thanks for looking 🙂

      Oh, but the blonde straight wig with the bangs is more what I want. I found that one last night and sent a message to the seller asking how long it is (since it’s on a smaller doll than Mei). I wonder if Mei’s head is a weird size for her 43 centimeters? A size 6/7 wig seems to only be for 1/6 size dolls (Mei is a 1/4). So hopefully the length is right. ^.^

      Did I just make any sense? I’m sitting here watching the silly parade and not paying attention to what I’m writing, lol

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