Welcome Home, Mei

This afternoon, just as I was leaving for work, Mei arrived. I wasn’t able to open her right then and there, so I had to wait til after work, and then after dinner. But it was well worth it.

She came packed securely in a custom bjd box, wrapped in bubble wrap and two satin pillow coverings. Her Wiccan dress was neatly folded to the side, and her wig was neatly zipped inside a bag. So, you can imagine how awkward my family felt when I unwrapped a nude doll from her box.

Despite that, she’s gorgeous. And I already see a hint of a personality in her (yes, I know that’s a bit creepy!). I think that she might not be strung correctly, so her legs are very weak while her arms are tight to move. Because of that, she immediately made it clear that she did not want to sit in the little chair that I had set aside for her. Instead, she is very good at sitting in a shy little anime pose (which actually has a name that is, of course, eluding me at the moment). And, since her arms are strung tightly, they seem to have a life of their own. They accidentally snapped into a pose where she was reaching out to me, and I was immediately hooked!

I think that she’s going to make a very good Ari, one day. Her face is very pensive and soft. And yet, at the moment, she’s looking rather sad and worried. She’s sitting all by her lonesome in the black lace dress, and it seems to be swallowing her up. So, I’m hoping to cheer her up with a new outfit soon. And while the coppery hair she came with is lovely, I really look forward to getting her the long blonde wig which will make her into this blog’s PaladinAri. New eyes would be nice, too. Though I really think that the blue ones she has now are really pretty.

Oh, and she’s already making requests! She caught a glimpse of my fabric collection and is immediately beginning to wonder what I’m going to make for her. Or, maybe the fact that I’ll make something for her is what’s making her look so worried. Maybe that’s the kind of face that Ari wears every time Alnir tells her that he has a new dress for her? *shrug*

But anyway, I’m very happy that Mei is here and feel very lucky to have been able to get her. And now I just feel very lucky to have her, too! Now so long as she doesn’t grow legs in the middle of the night and end up staring down at me or anything…

Oh, and yes, I’m still calling her “Mei” and not “Ari”. She definitely needs a name, and I know that most bjd owners don’t usually call their dolls by their sculpt name, since they consider it impersonal. But really, she does strike me as a “Mei”. And at the moment, it’s really hard to call her “Ari”. So, maybe she’ll just have the permanent name of “Mei” and take on Ari’s persona? I don’t know. I guess it just needs some thought.

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4 Responses to Welcome Home, Mei

  1. Heather says:

    So excited for you! She’ll make a great doll (ari or mei with ari persona…whichever it ends up being). Her eyes are very pretty and she does have a very unique facial expression with her eyes and face. I’m also looking forward to how you fashion her with clothes and accessories and things!

  2. She’s gorgeous. i cant wait to see her first outfit

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