If You Don’t Look Too Close, it Looks OK!

Heh, still trying to finish up the back of the dress in time. But, the front is fine! ^.^*

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22 Responses to If You Don’t Look Too Close, it Looks OK!

  1. In fact sewing on a silver trim to the bottom of the jacket instead of putting a design would work well and probably be quick/easier for you.

    • paladinari says:

      I was going to sew in the design, which was how I got such a crisp image on the panel. But really, there’s no way I’ll have time now. And I don’t want to start something I can’t finish, because then it might just end up half done.

      • Yeah that’s a lot of work I thought you were painting everything in, that’ll be ok for now. Are you still going to do the details on the bottom edge of the jacket, cause I don’t know how well it will look without.(design does not need to be accurate) The pretty bottom of the dress makes up for the lack of design on that part.

      • This will just be Dark Zelda basic and at the next con Deluxe Dark Zelda shall appear, hopefully with Light Zelda Deluxe as well:-D

      • paladinari says:

        Oh, no worries. The embroidery on the jacket will be easy, because my Grandma has the kind of machine that has like 1001 fancy stitches, lol.
        I’ve already picked a pretty scrollwork stitch which will be sewn in black on the jacket.
        But I’m super disappointed at this oversight! I’m also pretty mad at myself. But yes, I’ll take it back at some point and finish it. I also have plans for making the panel a bit fancier, too. And I might remake the jacket at some point.

  2. Pretty! Are you going to do the bottom symbols an outlined silver?

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