Gobble-con Pre-game

So, I’ll be heading up to Connecticut once again tomorrow. This time, I’m going so that I can attend the first ever Gobble-con: An anime convention being held at a hotel in Milford. While it’s looking like it’s going to be small, I still intend on dressing for the occasion. And so will Denya, Rayna, and all the others!

I won’t be able to go on Friday, unfortunately (due to a little thing called “work”), however, after rush hour, I’ll be heading up tomorrow night. And then, I’ll be attending the convention on Saturday and Sunday.

And what would be a convention without cosplay? Since I’ve only gotten to wear it once (and since it took so long to put together and make!) I’ll be proudly displaying my Saber dress and armor on Saturday. And then, on Sunday, I’ll be going a bit more casual with my kimono. Originally, I wanted to pull out my Princess Serenity gown for old time’s sake. But I think it’s better if I only travel up with one major costume. And Saber takes up enough space as it is!

So, like the Renaissance Faire, here’s my list of stuff to bring for tomorrow, including things I need to bring for others:

Saber (Saturday)- Blue hair ribbon, Bobby pins and scrunchies, Corset, White underdress, Blue overdress, White leggings, Crinoline, Tapestry, Black boots, Excalibur!, Gauntlets, Breastplate and backplate, Tassets, Tall socks

Kimono (Sunday)- Kimono, Obi with bow, White camisole, White slip, Socks, Sandals

Dark Zelda (for Denya)- Gown, Jacket, Panel, Ears, Ribbon

Link (for Rayna)- Green hat, Ocarina, Bracers

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One Response to Gobble-con Pre-game

  1. Well thats not too bad of a list:-D Just don’t forget the essentials..like your toothbrush.

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