Ready or Not, Here She Comes!

Last week, to my great surprise and excitement, I came across the very same Bobobie Mei doll up for auction on eBay. The little elf had been on display in a smoke-free house, and her owner had decided that it was time to pass her on to greener pastures.

That pasture, I had hoped, would be me.

It seemed like fate that, after obsessing over and searching for Mei, that I should suddenly across her on eBay. And what a find she was, too! Not only was she a doll in great shape. But she also came complete with a set of eyes, a wig, and a full black lace Wiccan gown ensemble. What a find! To get all that, new, I would probably have to pay upwards around $250-$300.

So, after much excitement and bouncing around, I decided to finally take the plunge and bid on the beautiful doll that won my heart months ago.

I was pretty nervous over the weekend, watching the auction very carefully. I was the only bidder up until a few hours ago, when I realized that someone had outdone me by $3! But, I decided to bide my time so that they wouldn’t get suspicious of a bidding war. And in the last three minutes, I struck: Outdoing their high bid and finally coming out victorious with a grand total of $162. Mei goes for $150 new. Wigs average about $20. And don’t get me started on clothes.

I was very, very lucky.

My beautiful Mei doll will be arriving in the mail either the day before Thanksgiving or the day after. Due to my typical luck, this probably means I’ll have her next Friday. But at least I have something to look forward to. According to the auction, she has lovely, normal colored skin (ivory), dark blue eyes, and an wig in an interesting shade of orange-red at the moment. I had been very concerned about buying a new doll and having her come in the mail without hair and clothes. But I’ll be happy to receive this second-hand Mei, complete with both, when she comes!

So now, the wait is on…

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2 Responses to Ready or Not, Here She Comes!

  1. Heather says:

    That sounds amazing! Glad that you’re getting something that won your heart a while ago!

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