Night and Day: Dark Zelda Takes on Shape!

So far, this is how the reversible Dark Zelda gown is going. One side of the gown is a lovely, eggplant satin, while the other is a heavy, dusty gray cotton. The overcoat will be made of the same materials and will also be reversible so that it can be worn either way.

* please note: the part of the dress in the pictures which is in shadow is closer to the actual color than what was taken with the flash of the camera.

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4 Responses to Night and Day: Dark Zelda Takes on Shape!

  1. What colors are you gong to do the details on the bottoms and the jacket? By the way I have a simple pattern for that design too, if you want it.

    • paladinari says:

      I’ll take whatever you’ve found. Resources can’t hurt!
      All the details on the gown and jacket are going to be done in a mix of silver and black. I’ll make the gown functional for right now, but I might want to embellish it later so you have something a bit fancier for ConnectiCon

  2. yay’s it’s so pretties

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