Find of the Day: Ersa Flora BJD Eyes

Hi everyone! So, I know I’m jumping the gun here just a little, but dreaming is nice ^.^

I’ve already begun to search around on the Internet for all the pieces I would need to turn the Mei doll into Ari. As it stands, a Mei doll will comes with pretty yellow eyes and no wig hair. This means that I need to find a wig which resembles Ari’s hair and eyes which resemble her eye color.

I’m still having trouble finding hair (in case anyone is looking around, I’m in the market for a size 6-7 platinum blonde wig, long, and either straight or slightly wavy–the straight hair I could use for braiding while the wavy hair would be for if it was down).

However, that led me to discover the Ersa Flora BJD eye shop on the Net. They have the largest selection of eyes I’ve seen thus far, and actually (believe it or not) the price is rather affordable for the variety and quality at $15 a set.

Ari’s eyes are supposed to be a silver/gray, but I’m not sure which set I find more attractive for her. Any thoughts?

Metallic Silver

Glitter Silver

White Gradiant

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3 Responses to Find of the Day: Ersa Flora BJD Eyes

  1. I think the first or the last, definitely not the middle, I kinda like the last one, it’s darker.

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