Late Night Steampunk

So, kudos for a complete redesign of the Steampunk Arm which needs to be completed, wrapped up, and sent out by 1PM Tuesday at the very latest. I’m frantically trying to finish this and have hit my hand with a hammer more times than I wish to count at this point. Let’s also not forget the metal cuts and metal splinters I’ve received for my efforts. But hey: No good deed goes unpunished. All I know is, I can’t wait to get back to sewing. And then, I can’t wait for my winter hiatus to once again begin work on my personal armor. Though that comes after sewing up Christmas presents! (maybe) (-.-**)

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6 Responses to Late Night Steampunk

  1. Umm well since i still haven’t even started the armor piecies i dunno if I’ll have the time either..lets leave it up in the air for now and see what we do get down by when

    • paladinari says:

      Ok, I’ll push to make the painted piece. Once I clean up my desk of all the armor making gear, I’ll be back on track to finish the dress and such ^.^*

      (my desk is a WRECK and my floor is covered in bits of leather and metal)

  2. Hey making Christmas presents is generally way cheaper and more appreciated than bought one’s. And Kudos to you for finishing the project 🙂

    • paladinari says:

      Who said I finished? I’m sitting here in my pjs working on it! lol
      I just put the strap on the pauldron which will hold it up on the shoulder. Next, I’m going to attach the upper arm plates and corset lacing function to the pauldron. Then, we’ll go from there *sigh*

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