Zelda’s Hairstyle

Ok, here’s the answer to the Princess Zelda hairstyle question:

Hair parted in the middle, bring two locks of hair to the front. Then, sweep a section of hair in the back into a high semi-ponytail. With the locks in the front, bind the bottom, then wrap with a length of ribbon. In back, create a super low ponytail down below the neckline. Braid and secure the remaining hair. Adorn with prettiness ^.^

(yes, of course I’ll do a tutorial for this. Might be better if I didn’t blindly knot up my own hair because I can’t see what I’m doing…)

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3 Responses to Zelda’s Hairstyle

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  2. Heather says:

    Nice picture of all angles!

  3. Yah I totally need a picture step by painfull step process, remember your audience includes the girl that has you braid her hair cause she can’t.

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