Sew Insane and Armor Panic

Hi everyone! If you’re reading this, it probably means that you’re just hoping that you’re about to discover that PaladinAri has actually written something post-worthy (as she’s been very bad about that lately and hasn’t kept up with posting at all!). But, alas. This is not a real post, but rather what is most likely about to turn into a couple paragraphs of ramble. So, let’s begin!

The Connecticut Renaissance Faire 2010 is over and done with, and it was an absolute blast! On Saturday, a whole slew of us drove up to Hebron to participate in the last weekend of Halloween-themed events, and it was incredibly fun. There was lots to see and do (and eat!), and the entire faire was incredibly lively and active. It was a bit chilly, but a nice sunny day all the same and the attendance really showed that. And of course, the Fellowship of the Dagger was there in full swing, complete with new and updated costumes to help end the year on a positive note. One of the owners of the faire even recognized our very odd and awesome group from the springtime festival!

In other news, I finished and wore my armor jacket this past weekend with very satisfying results. I still need to post actual pictures of said piece, however, I’m very happy with how it came out. Formal and warm, the armor jacket was a complete success.

I’m also in the process of finishing up my mom’s Halloween costume at the moment. It needs to be done for Wednesday night for a Halloween party that we’re going to together. I’m still not sure what I should wear. I think I’m going to be the youngest person there. Any suggestions?

And now, things start to get really fun! I have about *counts on fingers* two weeks to finish up Avoree’s Steampunk arm. Why two weeks? Well, because I only have *counts on fingers* three weeks to create two Princess Zelda gowns *sobs*. I want to do a good job, so I can’t rush it! But still, it’s getting down to the wire. I think I’ll create Denya’s Zelda outfit first before mine. Then, at least if I don’t get to mine, at least she’s not disappointed ^.^*

Oh, and just to make things more down to the wire (as if I needed to add anything else to my plate) you’re resident paladin got a summons to her very first jury duty today! *insert unintelligible cursing* On the negative side: This is a summons to the Riverhead courthouse, which is an hour drive each way… without traffic. And since I only have a part time job, I most likely won’t get paid to go. On the bright side? I’ll get paid $40/day by the court…. which is more than I make in one day at my job. ^.^* Negative side? This is more time that is now going to be taken away from when I can work on the arm and the gown(s). So, I guess we’re just going to have to see what happens. Meanwhile, I have plans of sewing and armoring my way through Christmas presents for people for this year. When am I going to get a chance to do this? *shrug* And, to top it off, I still need to break down and play Editor for this anime magazine I help out with. Again, when am I going to get a chance to do this?


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