A lot of times when I have to worry about whether or not I have everything ready for a costume, I make a checklist of the things that go into that costume that I can check off as it ends up packed up in the car. I did this for ConnectiCon and had three separate checklists for three separate costumes, and I also did it last weekend with a full checklist for my Julia costume (which I still have yet to post, I know!).

The idea is pretty simple: Just go through everything you possibly need for a costume, including articles of clothing, accessories, and all the things that keep it together (for example, I need to remember spirit gum, which people wouldn’t see but is necessary to bring the costume together). Everyone can come up with their own method of listing. However, I like to envision the whole costume from the head down. So, here’s everything which needs to go into Ari 1.0 (in case you were curious as to what goes into the making of an elf!):

* Ears
* Ear Cuffs
* Spirit Gum
* Spirit Gum Remover
* Pauldrons
Jacket (with cord)
* Undershirt
* Gauntlets
* Breastplate
* Corset
Sword Belt
* Belt Bag
* Belt Pouch (fur)
* Mug Frog
* Mug
* Cuisse Belt
* Tassets
* Cuisses
* Brown Pants
Black Boots
* Tall Socks
Brown Cloak

Ah, what a “faire” day! ^.^

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