Current Projects

So, what is PaladinAri working on at the moment? Lots and lots of varied projects! After all, ’tis the season for Halloween costumeness and special activities. So, in no particular order of priority (I keep jumping from project to project):

– Finish up the corset I began working on last week! I’ve been too lazy to go out and buy the boning I need, though…

– Create my mom’s Halloween costume. She’s gonna be a goldfish ^.^

– Finish Avoree’s Steampunk arm. It’s all in the details…

– Finish my armor undershirt for Ari’s armor set. It’s very, very elvish!

– Cut ‘n sew my own Halloween costume. It’s a low budget costume made from altering preexisting clothes that either I own and don’t care about or bought at the Salvation Army. Yay for thrift!

– A bit of leatherwork, if I have time…

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5 Responses to Current Projects

  1. avoree says:

    So after starting and dissasembling your piece 4 times I’ve found a product I liked and fit the shape you requested. Working with scales is completely differnt than chain mail. It’s an enjoyables but repetative process. If I work retarted hard I might have it in ct by Tuesday. Ill be there on Monday and I’m leaving mid day Tuesday to go back to boston. Ill see if I can get it to griswald if not it will be with my folks.

    • paladinari says:

      Sounds awesome. I can’t wait to see the finished piece. And just so you don’t go nuts trying to finish something on a time crunch, I just wanted to let you know that I don’t need the shirt by the 16th anymore, but rather by the following weekend for the ren faire. So, if you want to take it easy and not get blisters on your hands, please take your time and you could just ship it *shudders at the thought of postage*
      Did you ever figure out the closure issue? Did we end up going with magnets or ties?

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