Mail Brings Joy

The springsteel for my corset came in the mail today. It definitely is an awesome material! And (drumroll please) it fits perfectly in the channels that my sewing machine can create.
So, back to corsetry!

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2 Responses to Mail Brings Joy

  1. Now are you making anew outfit for our Halloween party or are you still thinking about getting something from that site as a surprise for the Party?

    • paladinari says:

      *sigh* no and no. I really wanted to do one or the other. But I’m kind of getting nervous about my monetary situation without a job. Heck, I still haven’t even RSVPd to your party. And it’s nuts for me to come up to CT this weekend. In fact, it’s nuts for me to be sewing, crafting, armoring, going ANYWHERE right now. What am I thinking? *Ari gets swallowed up in self pity and loathing for the fact that she doesn’t have a job*
      Damn, can’t I just get paid to be a paladin and go out and kick evil’s ass or something? At least I’d have job security!

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