Ari 2.0

No matter what I do or envision, I keep coming back to this beautiful picture I came across online of an elf paladin and feel so inspired to use it as my inspiration for my “Ari 2.0” armor.

Let’s face it: I made my Ari 1.0 armor back when I knew nothing about how to actually craft it. I made mistakes. I had to go back and fix things, yes. And I think that the set has seen better days at this point. The breastplate is too large (cue “Madonna” comments) and is by this point bent and digs into me. The cuisses are bent and buckled, and I don’t know if anyone has noticed but every so often while wearing them I’ll make a little “skipping” step. This is one cuisse getting caught on the rivets of the other, which seem to be coming undone. The tassets were never really what I wanted them to be. The gauntlets should probably cover more of my hand and arm and clearly look thrown together from the underside. And the pauldrons (though beautiful and functional and probably the piece which gave me the most trouble) are too flimsy for the task of being worn with a cloak.

Enter the need for a new set. Of course, this won’t happen this season. Whenever we get to go to the Connecticut Renaissance Faire in the next few weeks will probably signal the end of the Ari 1.0 armor set. It had a good run (at an 8 month life span). But I think that it’s time to let it go.

On the bright side, having learned what I’ve learned and how having access to better materials, more tools, and (hopefully soon) a steadier source of income, I’ll now be open to creating a more permanent set of armor which will serve me well for the next few years.

Based on the Eladrin Paladin picture (yes, that’s the actual name), I have a host of ideas of how to bring Ari’s armor to the next level and looking more “reality paladin-like” (as opposed to fantasy? I don’t know. I just think that, in “reality”, my Ari 1.0 armor is just way too unprotecting). And I plan on starting it with a whole lot of leather and some new material. If you’ll remember, from WAY back when, I originally began in March by trying to craft armor from thicker sheet aluminum… which ended disastrously by my destroying a $20 piece of metal. This time, I do plan on using that same material (since it will last longer and be stronger). However, I look forward to finally crafting with the right tools and knowledge. I think that I just need to acknowledge what I can and can’t do. Last time, I began by trying to hammer out a breastplate from a solid sheet. Yeah… that didn’t work. However, I know that it will be perfect for re-creating my gauntlets, stronger pauldrons, new tassets, new cuisses (which I plan on hinging this time, which I think will work better), and (hang on to your seats!) my attempt at sabatons and greaves (ie, foot and shin armor). On top, I still plan on wearing my leather corset. But this time, rather than leave my shoulders bare (as a paladin would honestly never do without some heavy armor above!) I will have a scale mail shirt to go over it and I even have an idea for creating a new breastplate and backplate to wear over the shirt, utilizing (sadness) a non-metal material which will give me infinitely less trouble than metal to craft and then wear. I also have an idea for a scale mail tasset set which I might convince Avoree to craft for me at a later date. And, if I can afford it, it might also be time to invest in a sturdier weapon… as much as I LOVE my Master Sword made Selu’tria.

And so, that’s the plan. So, if you haven’t gotten to see the Ari 1.0 armor set, hopefully you’ll get a chance before I retire it for good after October. And then, it’s on to greener pastures!

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4 Responses to Ari 2.0

  1. Avoree says:

    Yeah. That’s what I had envisioned. I’m having a hard time putting it neatly on paper, but it’s going to drape over the shoulder kinda like a leaf would in a V shape. Again, if I can find paper, I will draw images and put it up.

  2. Avoree says:

    Just to make sure we are clear before the materials come in on the 4th, your scale mail shirt is only going to about sternum length? Or is this going to the belly button (infinitely more time to craft and ill need more measurements). if it’s only sternum length, I have ideas for the closures. I know you asked for magnets, which I will do, but how about laces as well? Because of your breast size and movement, it will allow for more security on staying on and in place. If I can find paper in the house I will draw you up my ideas for the shirt.

    • paladinari says:

      I was hoping that it could kind of mirror the shape of my ribcage. So yes, it would be sternum length in the front, and then kind of “V” down a little bit before it starts to go over and behind my back. I also thought that this would look nice with the busk on the leather corset I wear ^.^

      If you want to do laces, that’s fine. You’re the expert. Maybe the laces could be more for “show” (kind of hiding the magnets behind them)?

      Btw, I know we discussed sleeves. I’m not sure if you’ve given them much thought yet or you’re just waiting for my input. I was wondering if you could make the sleeve with kind of an open armpit area? I’m going to be making a padded shirt to wear under the corset and mail shirt, and I’ll be wearing pauldrons over it. So I just want to make sure that I’ll be able to move, lol

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