It’s Alive!

Like Frankenstein in his lab, working on his monster, last night my dad and I spent some time out in the garage trying to figure out how to make a flat-bottomed ashtray into a dish-shaped pauldron. The epic part about this, of course, was the horrific thunder and lightening storm which was rolling in at the same time. And of course we worked with the door open.

After hitting it repeatedly with a plastic hammer over a layered towel and drill press part, we finally managed to get rid of the flat bottom. It looked good, but then I realized that it needed to be able to sit higher up on the shoulder to be functional. So, we brought out the tin snips and went to work cutting away a crescent shaped chunk of the metal (which I ended up saving for use later in the project). What’s left is a dish-shaped pauldron that looks strikingly like ornate, steel armor.

Score ^.^

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