I’m in a Corset Kind of Mood

That’s right. Not only to wear one, but to make one as well. Quite a while ago at this point, I came across the 99cent sale on McCall’s costume patterns at Joanns, so I couldn’t pass up picking up a few. One of the patterns I came across was McCall’s pattern #4861, which essentially contains the patterns for five different corsets. I had put any corsetry projects on the back burner for the time being, but since I’m waiting for materials so that I can begin Avoree’s armor project, I decided to unearth the pattern for the heck of it tonight and take a look at it. To my delightful surprise, the pattern is actually very versatile. What I mean is that it’s small enough that I can make copies of all four sizes (6, 8, 10, and 12) so that I can reuse the pattern for more than one person. What’s more, one of the patterns, pattern “C” actually included every single size piece, rather than having to cut down a specific pattern piece to fit one of four sizes.

Being up for a challenge–and already being bored out of my mind down here on LI–I decided to cut out the size 10 and 12 patterns. While the size 12 would fit me perfectly, as per the suggestion on the package, the size 10 is just a bit smaller, and since a corset is meant to cinch…. yeah….

I figure I’ll make both sizes, see which one works best, and sell the other one. So, I was going through my fabric collection to see what I’d like to use for the outside shell of the corset. I don’t think that I want to make a single tone corset (ie, out of the same fabric all around), but rather just use special fabric as a showpiece on the front and back while using just plain, heavy cotton on the sides. However, I can’t really decide which fabrics I’d like to use. After all, it might be boring to make the same corset in the same fabric twice. Especially since I don’t have anything particular I feel like wearing these for.

In the above picture, I’m pointing to the pattern image on the package that I plan on creating. Next to that are my five choices at the moment for what fabrics I want to use as the “special fabrics” for the corset. I might post a pic tomorrow of the fabrics unrolled. But on the far left is a tan satin covered with an organic embroidery of vines. Next to that is a super shiny, bright orange organza. In the middle we have a royal blue brocade pattern of Chinese dragons. Second to the right is a pastel green faux silk dupione. And finally, on the far right, is a gold brocade covered in organic swirls of gold and paisley.

I think that they’re all really great choices, especially since I just feel like making a corset for the heck of it and don’t have a particular costume in mind to use them for. However, if I were to create a corset with the idea that I would wear it for some sort of elf costume in the future, or even a ren faire costume, I would probably go with either the tan, the green, or the gold.

I’m open to suggestions and feedback, especially since it’s highly likely that one of my devoted readers might end up “inheriting” the corset I end up wanting to get rid of. It’s not like I plan on cutting anything out tonight anyway. I still need to buy more boning, interface, thread, backing…

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One Response to I’m in a Corset Kind of Mood

  1. Heather says:

    I think the gold would be a really good choice!!

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